Conflict Resolution is a collaborative effort between Volunteers for Youth Justice and the Caddo Parish School Board. The program is designed to address the dynamics that lead to violent behavior, with the goal of preventing school fight violations. The program is structured to bring awareness not only to children but to their entire families. 


Middle and high school students who have a first fight during the school year are eligible for the Conflict Resolution Program. Students are referred to the program through the schools’ principals.


If a student chooses to participate in the program, and it is successfully completed within the time required, the student will avoid a court appearance for that particular offense. Students are also able to shorten their out-of-school suspension days. The program also accepts referrals of students for prevention of a fight. 


Classes are held at the Caddo Student Services Center (formerly Central Elementary School) Monday – Friday from 9AM to 12PM. Registration begins at 8:30AM.


Fee: $50.00 School Fight Referrals

 Free to Prevention Referrals


In 2017 the Conflict Resolution program served 623 children in Caddo Parish. 83% of children referred for fighting were diverted from the juvenile court system. 80 children were able to benefit from the Intervention Program which seeks to adjust the behaviors that are known to lead to fighting. 

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