“It’s easy to get into trouble, but it’s hard to get out.” Boy – Age 13

Jumpstart is a diversion program providing educational workshops in a support group setting with volunteer facilitators trained to address the needs of at-risk youth.

Since the program began in 1994, the court has eagerly assigned youth, and as a result of local and national trends toward restorative justice, the program is handling an ever-increasing number of cases. Staff and volunteers respond to this need by providing meaningful workshops which encourage the development of pro-social behavior and self-esteem, with workshop content continually evaluated for its effectiveness by staff, volunteers, and youth participants.

Jumpstart provides three primary workshops in Caddo and Bossier Parishes for diverted and adjudicated youth depending on the offense and particular needs of the child. These workshops include: Stamp Out Shoplifting (SOS), Power of Choice (POC), and Family Strengthening.

The national average of juvenile repeat offense rate at 34%, yearly evaluations consistently reveal less than 5% of Jumpstart participants commit a further offense after successful completion of the program.


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