Volunteer Spotlight

Karen Hooks- CASA Volunteer

Karen Hooks is this month’s CASA Champ! Karen’s recent CASA case, assigned in mid 2016, was heading for TPR-Adoption due to a perception of parents’ noncompliance with their case plan. On the surface it appeared that the case was reaching the obvious con-clusion; however, seasoned Gumshoe Detective Karen was able to put her flatfoot skills to work. Karen discovered pieces of her case were not connecting as they should, and after making inquiries to as many parties affiliated with her case, she was able to come to her own conclusions and share her findings with the court in a format that is known as the infamous CASA court report. Mom, dad and child were reunited and word on the street: they are doing fantastic. Karen has been advocating for CASA since 2014 and VYJ thanks you!

900 Jordan Street   Suite 102   Shreveport, Louisiana 71101   318-425-4413

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