Volunteer Spotlight

Joanne Cannatella- CASA Volunteer

Talk about fighting for a child—you don’t want to get in her way when she is advo-cating for a child’s best interest! Joanne Cannatella is one of the most involved ad-vocates that CASA has ever worked with. She will follow her CASA kids to church, join them for meals, play with them in their tempo-rary placements, and will laugh and cry with them and for them. She visits the chil-dren wherever they may be, gets to know all “players” in the case, and makes no apol-ogy for her recommendations. At this time, she has completed one case, and is now working on her second. The kids are so lucky to have Joanne as their CASA, and the CASA family is ex-tremely proud to have her on our team. Hats off to this feisty, caring lady! Congrats on being this months’ CASA Champ, Joanne!

900 Jordan Street   Suite 102   Shreveport, Louisiana 71101   318-425-4413

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