CASA Champ JuneVolunteer Spotlight

Jenn Witkowski- CASA Volunteer

New CASA volunteer, Jenn Witkowski, is VYJ’s June CASA Champ! Jenn was assigned her first case on June 1st, and has already made phone contact with all three caregivers, and visited all three children (all are in separate homes). The youngest child recently had a dentist appointment and her Medicaid was denied because it was expired. Jenn immediately emailed the case worker, and followed up with a phone call after not receiving a response. She informed him of the issue (he was not aware) and requested he initiate Medicaid for all three children. She’s since met the case worker to discuss the case, as well as the mother who is currently incarcerated.

Jenn’s case notes are detailed, descriptive, and she is very observant in her visits. She has maintained great contact with her supervisor, which is an important part of this position.

Oh, and did we mention that Jenn and her new husband have a total of seven kids at home?! These babies are blessed to have her on their case; she is one to watch! Thank you, Jenn!

900 Jordan Street   Suite 102   Shreveport, Louisiana 71101   318-425-4413

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